Tourna Grip Rx Instant Grip Enhancer Solution for all sports


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Tourna Knows Grips!

Tourna has been making grips and grip solutions for over 45 years. From the maker of the world famous Tourna Grip, Tourna brings you a variety of premium, Made in the USA grip enhancers.

Tourna Grip Rx

Grip Rx is a liquid rosin. It starts as a liquid and dries to a film on your hands. Dries sweat and also blocks sweat from the pores on your hand. It takes a few seconds to work, but the result is longer lasting than traditional rosin. Bottle closes easily to maintain freshness. Made in the USA!

Rosin Bottle

The Rosin Bottle is the fastest way to dispense rosin to your hands. The benefit of traditional rosin is it works instantaneously. Nothing works faster than rosin to dry sweat on your hands. The bottle is a great way to store and access the rosin. Made in the USA!

Rosin Bag

The Rosin Bag is a more controlled way to dispense rosin. Also works instantaneously to dry your hands but the amount that comes out is determined by how many times you pat the bag on your hands. Comes in a resealable bag. Made in the USA!

Tourna Tac Rag

The Tac Rag puts a tacky all natural, non-toxic, beeswax right on your hands. If you love that tacky feel, this is the product for you. Rub it on your hands, rub it on your handle, you’ll feel the stick immediately. Comes in a resealable bag and lasts for weeks! Made in the USA!

Grip Enhancer, Liquid Chalk Rosin Bottle, Rosin Powder ROSIN BAG, Grip Powder Gorilla Gold, Tacky Towel, Tac Rag
Tourna Grip Rx Rosin Bottle Rosin Bag Tourna Tac Rag
Material Liquid Dry Rosin Powder Dry Rosin Powder Tackified Cloth
Absorbs Sweat
Provides tack
Can be used for any sport
Made in the USA


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